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ABOUT Chairman, Eden City Group

Indrajit De is the Chairman of the Eden Real Estates Pvt Ltd. He completed his Masters Degree in Commerce from University of Calcutta, India and MBA and MS from University of Virginia, United States of America. Thereafter, he joined Financial Services Practice at Deloitte Consulting (Braxton) in New York overseeing large scale IT implementation. Subsequently he joined Xcelerate Corp., a Ft. Lauderdale based boutique e-business consulting company as a Partner, responsible for setting up practices in NYC & San Francisco bay area. Indrajit organised a group of investors out of NY investing in various bio-tech and IT start-ups both in the US and in India. Till date he has arranged for more than $65 Million in funding.

Wish you a wonderful life at Eden City Maheshtala.

Warm regards,

Indrajit De
Chairman, Eden City Group


F&C REIT Asset Management – a specialist investment, finance and asset management firm with offices in London, Mumbai, Munich, Stockholm and Tel Aviv is the FDI partner of the project and invested in the project through its investment arms BETOKING LIMITED and TRAFALGAR INVESTMENT (MAURITIUS) LIMITED. F&C REIT Asset Management is well placed to identify and take advantage of opportunities in the global real estate market. F&C REIT Asset Management owns and manages real estate assets worth £ 8.5 billion globally.

The global presence of F&C REIT and its rich experience, past track record and financial muscle in handling mega projects worldwide, removes any doubt in their execution capabilities. F&C REIT through its investment arms BETOKING LIMITED and TRAFALGAR INVESTMENT (MAURITIUS) LIMITED, being the majority stakeholder, is totally committed to its cause and would not have put in so much of their money, had they not been convinced on the project’s viability and confidence in its delivery.

The FDI partner F&C REIT Asset Management (UK), through their Investment-arm BETOKING LIMITED., Cyprus have infused into the Project US $ 6.86 Million, in the form of Unsecured Compulsorily Fully Convertible Debentures (CFCD), which are compulsorily convertible into Equity shares. The Debentures have been issued under the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 and FDI norms and guidelines of Reserve Bank of India. Their commitment to the project is further strengthened by the fact that a further sum of around US $ 2.2 Million has been infused by BETOKING LIMITED and TRAFALGAR INVESTMENT (MAURITIUS) LIMITED for speedy completion of the construction activities.

David Cohen

David Cohen is currently the Chairman of F&C REIT Property Management in India, and previously held the position of CEO and Chairman of Perot Systems Europe. He worked with Goldman Sachs, ran a private business for several years before selling it and then worked with Perot Systems Corporation, ultimately as CEO and Chairman of Perot Systems Europe and their India business. He is currently Chairman of F&C REIT Property Management India and a partner in a private investment fund. David holds a Bachelor degree from Edinburgh University and a product of Harvard Business School. David actively manages the investment of F&C REIT (UK) in Eden Real Estate Private Limited through BETOKING LIMITED and TRAFALGAR INVESTMENT (MAURITIUS) LIMITED.

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